Our class was approached by a second-hand chain who started their own line of recycled products Remake. Remake's ultimate goal was to not only sell more upcycled items, but to start a movement and a shift in attitude towards clothes made of recycled materials. 

One of the biggest problems for Remake was that the clothes still had the "second-hand" look and feel due to the varying quality of materials they used. The solution was to refine the selection and limit the offer. To signal a new start and a higher status of the brand, I suggested a new name: Mend, inspired by the "Mend and make do"-movement. The logo and the restrained colour-palette hint of a premium brand, a clear step away from the "second-hand" style.









In order to limit the use of new material, I came up with a new pricing system, that makes price-tags unnecessary. The products are divided into three categories with fixed prices and the hangers are marked with 1, 2 or 3 zig-zags correspondingly.

Because all the items are hand-made, I wanted to give the clothes a label that would feel more unique and intriguing, almost like a private club mark.